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Julián López

Julián López

Julián López

Julián López was born on November 10, 1978 in Cuenca. He is a Spanish comedian, musician and actor that has performed in TV shows like “La Hora Chanante”, “Smonka!” and “Noche Hache”.

He is working, as a writer and actor, on a new TV show called “Muchachada Nui” that is being aired on TVE 2.

He has also participated in some short films like “Videoclub”, “Eyesballs”, “La gran revelación” or “El factor dorsal”. Some of these performances were awarded with the “Best Actor” prize in a short film festival. Not happy with this he has also performed, along with his friend Ernesto Sevilla, in the feature film “Estirpe de tritones”.

Her is a well known celebrity among “La Hora Chanante” fans because of his alter ego Vicentín, which is a parody of the average Spanish “bacala” from the 90s.

Brief description about Vicentín:

- He appeared for the first time in the TV Show “La Hora Chanante”.Vicentín

- He worships Chimo Bayo and thinks that “Exta Sí, Exta No” is the best song ever made.

- His purpose in life is to be as stoned as possible until the body runs out of stamina.

- “El Rulas” and “El Piruleta” are his best friends.


- “No te digo nada y te lo digo todo”

- “Hola pataliebres, ¿cómo lleváis la maquinaria?

- “¡Siempre a tope!”

- “Otra cosa, otra cosa...”

- “¡Adiós!, ¡Adióoooooos”



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